Voices from “I Don’t Cry Anymore”


Mary Golubeva, Latvia
“I cried in Germany, But I don’t cry now. I was a spoiled brat before the war. It took these experiences to toughen me, make me see what the worlds was like and make me want to work for others.”

Julian Banassak, from Western Poland
sent to a farm near Three Rivers, Quebec
“When people import you to work, they expect work.”

Aniela, Leningard 
“The Nazi was like the Soviet, only there was more to eat and a higher standard of living. There was no real freedom anywhere. Here you have to buy your freedom. If you have no money you have no freedom. And if you are poor and old and sick no one takes care of you.”

Emilie Strasdin, Latvia
“You know, that girl will never get ahead in Canada.”