“I was fed up with humanity so I decided to become a champion ski-jumper.” - Roger Lemelin
Neglected, abandoned, often abused, their characters were formed long before they reached the Mercer with its indelible stamp of prison. Some of the girls are never visited. Others, paroled home, are constantly reminded that they were lawbreakers.
"You never accepted an assignment without saying, ‘Why do I have to do this when I want to do that? Why do I have to do it this way when I want to do it that way? Why can’t I go and meet a friend of this person first and … you never just said, all right and went off and did it. No, we had this argument every time – it was exhausting to work with you." - Gallant's Editor
“I know that you didn’t like me, but you’ve forgotten what you were like. You were always trying to promote French speakers and shove in a French-Canadian actor you happened to know." - Gallant's Editor