Editorial Principles

Our Transcription Principles

  • We normalized the stylization of the Montreal Standard.
    e.g. minor formatting features like capitalized first words of paragraphs.
  • We preserved the transcription of the original title.
    e.g. the quotation marks around “I Don’t Cry Any More.”
  • We inserted the bylines into our transcription unless they were directly part of the sentence or paragraph.
  • We transcribed the original article as accurately as possible.
  • We corrected misspelled words and minor typos based on the transcriber’s discretion. 
  • When the text was indecipherable, we conferred with each other and decided on the best transcription possible.
  • We indicated with square brackets that which couldn’t be transcribed or was unreadable.

Our Annotation Principles

  • We used a wide array of WordPress post formats for our annotations in order to make them multimodal.
  • We annotated the articles with a view to contextualizing them, drawing out memorable quotations, remediating them, and establishing their relevance to Gallant’s writing and career.

Sheet 2-3